Jayne Mansfield Car

Billy Bob Thornton is the main character at Jayne Mansfield car The film is now available on demand and it is his return to directing and writing films. Even though Thornton has won numerous awards, such as the Oscar, his work as a writer, director, and actor is very much underrated.

Jayne Mansfield Car holds an amazing cast with well-known actors such as Robert Duvall, Kevin Bacon, John Hurt, Frances O’Connor and Robert Patrick. The film is set in the rural Arizona, the year 1969. It is a father-son story about veterans of World War II whose lives are filled with tension and disarray. The tension will rise when a British family comes to visit.  

The film includes documentary facts and heavy drama. Thornton’s nostalgic sense of humor is present during the whole film. The movie resembles a typical southern family and it’s ways. The beauty of the movie is in the finest, subtlest details. If you are interested in the movie it is on demand on iTunes and it will be released in theaters on Sept 13. So, there are no excuses. You should really watch this movie, especially if you are from the South of the United States. 

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